Top Websites For Free SketchUp 3D Models

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Top Websites For Free SketchUp 3D Models

We have curated the top five websites for free sketchup 3D models

Image by Freepik

3D modelling has revolutionized the field of construction in the last two decades, taking us a step further into the future of construction technology. Sketchup has been one of the most widely used 3D Modelling software in the world. Due to its user-friendly interface and quick-to-understand and learn software design it is a favourite among students of design as well as working professionals.

Creating models from scratch can be a very time and labour-consuming process, especially for large-scale projects. In such cases, it is much more practical to use ready-to-use models and their samples to create project models to ensure an efficient, faster and smooth flow of work. There are various websites that provide SketchUp 3D models,

1. 3D Warehouse

Along with being an extension of Sketchup and directly connected to it, 3D Warehouse is the most widely used site for free 3D Models.

It requires you to sign in in order to download, it comes with a simple and direct interface. There is a search bar at the top of its homepage to make your search easier. Also, at the left of the search bar is a categories tab, here, you can select your category of interest.

2. CAD Details

Next on our list is CAD Details, it comes with a straight-forward and easy to navigate website. CAD Details provides architects and designers with models of specific products, which helps in visualizing products in 3 dimensional environments.

CAD Details also requires you to sign up and login to download. At the top of the website homepage, there is a navigation tab that contains five tabs, one of which is the BIM models.

3. Open3DModel

As the name suggests Open3DModel is an open free to use website for everyone. Unlike most websites this one does not require you to sign up in order to download. It has over 73845 free models giving you a huge library to choose from.

The site has a very simple interface. You can find numerous categories available on its homepage, you can either use the search bar, click on the .skp file type or click on any category of your choice. Since it does not require sign in, all you need to do is click on the model you want and click on the download link to get the Model of your choice.

4. TurboSquid

With a nice and aesthetically beautiful homepage, Turbo Squid welcomes you with an easy-to-navigate interface. You can scroll down to find categories and subcategories where you would find a lot of free SketchUp models.

To download, you’ll have to first sign up if you don’t already own a TurboSquid account. The models you download will be sent to your TurboSquid account, which you can access from there. TurboSquid also offers paid premium models, therefore if you don’t find what you are looking for in the free section, you have more options in premium.

5. Free 3D

Concluding the list with a website that not only provides downloads but also acts as a site where freelance designers can showcase their work and designs and get jobs. Free 3D comes with a very beautiful, easy-to-navigate user interface, and a well-structured category section.

It does not require you to sign in. To access free models, you can either make use of the search bar or click on any category of your choice. They also have premium models, to access these you can sign up and pay for the services. 

Bonus Websites

Other websites that are very efficient include CG Trader which is a good choice for furniture models and Grab CAD which is good for mechanical engineering models. Including CG Tips, Sketchup Texture Club and Sketch fab which have proven to be great tools for architects and designers for faster work flow by providing a large range for free downloads of ready to use 3D models. 

(Image Credit – istock, royalty free stock photos)

Top Websites for Free Sketchup 3D Models

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