Design a Living Room

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How to Design a Living Room

How to Design a Living Room

In the world of DIY, more and more people are designing their own apartments and houses especially if they have a low budget taking inspiration from sites like Pinterest and Instagram which has an abundance of references for interior décor. However, these things can go terribly wrong if the designer is not clear with some design basics.

Every room in the house has its own unique personality and purpose. It is necessary to pay attention to these qualities while designing and decorating the different rooms in your house as every room will put you into a different space both literally and thoughtfully.

The living room is often the central focus of house design as it is the public room, used by many and also acts as the first room that guests often settle into. So naturally, it can be quite overwhelming when you first set out to design a living room as there would be too many options to choose from, too many design ideas and materials and furniture décor. However, there is a clear set of lists that you can follow while designing a living room that will make the entire process much easier and simple, let’s take a closer look at how to design a living room.

Design a Living Room
Image by chandlervid85 on Freepik

1. Start with the Focal Point

The sofa is the largest piece of furniture in the living room. And you can arrange other furniture based on it. Material selection will also depend upon people in the house children and pets. Don’t oversaturate the space by cramping too many things. You want to leave enough room to walk and the living room should feel open and free flowing which will also give a welcoming look.

2. Pick your Rug

Area rugs can be tricky to buy if you don’t know what you need. For a living room, you should find a big enough rug to fit all your furniture. Ideally, keep about 10-to-20 inches of bare floor between the edges of the carpet and the room walls.

3. Choose a Colour Swatch based on the Focal Point

Choose a colour palate based on the furniture and what style you want your living room to be along with what aesthetic and feel you need to give whether it’s a warm vintage vibe or a modern cold contemporary vibe. Lighting will go hand in hand with choosing the colours so make sure you go back and forth between these two things and correlate them before finalising.

4. Add the Lighting

Three lighting types ambient task and accent, you might consider a mix of overhead chandeliers, table and floor lamps next to the main sofa for accent, and wall sconces for ambient lighting. Lighting can be quite tricky, so make sure to have an overall idea of how your living room will be arranged before you buy lighting. 

5. Pick the Right Decor based on Colour Swatch

The contrast between the colours of the walls, the rug and the furniture accessories plays a huge role in the overall aesthetic of the space. Using the colours from the same colour swatch gives a very pleasing look to the living room and avoids making décor look out of place in cases where it is not intentional.

How to Design a living room

6. Add Greenery

Indoor plants are always a great idea while planning interior décor not only do they aesthetically give a calm, pleasant, warm and yet cool look to the space but research has also stated that plants also affect the mood of people thus resulting in an increased quality of living for the people.

I hope this blog on how to design a living room helped you.

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