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Unveiling Top interior design firms in Münich

Munich’s Design Renaissance: Top interior design firms in Münich

interior design trends interior design firms in Münich

In the heart of Munich’s architectural landscape, a renaissance of design unfolds as top interior design firms redefine living spaces. These firms not only shape physical environments but also weave stories of elegance, innovation, and individuality into the very fabric of the city. Join us on a journey through the diverse world of Munich’s interior design, spotlighting ten outstanding firms that stand as pioneers of creativity.

Empower Your Space with the Finest: Munich’s Design Elite

1. Almafloor Milano –

Combining Interior and Graphic Design for a Harmonious Fusion

Almafloor Milano, now under the ownership of Silke Kahl through anna morphs., is a trailblazer in Munich’s design scene. Silke Kahl’s expertise in both interior and graphic design results in a unique combination, reflecting in the company’s projects that span apartments, houses, kitchens, offices, and commercial spaces. Discover the essence of harmonious design at


Product Design Excellence Redefining Urban Spaces

Founded by Kyra Hildebrandt in 2008, APRIL UND BONNIE GmbH is a beacon of product design brilliance in Munich. The firm’s diverse portfolio includes residential and commercial projects, showcasing their commitment to pushing design boundaries. Immerse yourself in their creations at

3. AR Interior Design GmbH –

Proportions, Colors, and Materials: Crafting Conceptual Brilliance

Managed by Alexandra Rasp, AR Interior Design GmbH approaches design with a keen sense of proportions, colors, and materials. Their residential projects in Munich exemplify a meticulous focus on developing new concepts. Dive into their world of design at

4. Behir Interior Design –

High-End Designs Transforming Living Spaces

With a design history spanning over 20 years, Behir Interior Design is synonymous with high-end concepts for eateries and hotels in Munich. Their projects, ranging from apartments to hotels and restaurants, exude an ambiance tailored to clients’ desires. Explore their portfolio at

5. BESPOKE GmbH Interior Design & Production –

Bespoke Elegance Tailored to Your Space

BESPOKE GmbH, based in Munich, specializes in bespoke interior design and production. From apartments to commercial spaces, their work reflects a commitment to crafting unique designs that resonate with individual preferences. Unveil their creations at

6. Böhmler Einrichtungshaus GmbH –

Elegance Redefined: A 145-Year Tradition of Contemporary Living

For over 145 years, Böhmler Einrichtungshaus GmbH has been a symbol of elegant and contemporary living in Munich. Their diverse projects span apartments, houses, offices, and flooring, offering comprehensive furnishing solutions. Visit for a glimpse of timeless elegance.

7. BRIGITTE ROB Interior Design –

Design Elements Infusing Life into Every Space

BRIGITTE ROB Interior Design, based in Munich, believes that every room needs life. Their approach involves adding unexpected design elements with precision, creating spaces that balance perfection with the unexpected. Immerse yourself in their designs at

8. carola schorbach

Transforming Villas and Lofts with Imagination and Creativity

Carola Schorbach specializes in turning villas, mansions, and luxury lofts in Munich and Europe into uniquely special places. With an empathetic approach towards clients’ individuality, her designs seamlessly blend the traditional with the unexpected.


Passionate Design: Where CHICA Meets HOUSE

CHICASA.EU, a name born from the fusion of the nickname CHICA and a passion for the HOUSE, embodies a fervent commitment to designing spaces. With an affectionate nod to childhood and a lifelong passion for homes, CHICASA.EU brings a unique perspective to interior design. Dive into their design world at

10. Decor & Design Interiors –

Stylish Furniture and Unusual Lamps: Elevating Home Aesthetics

Decor & Design Interiors is a treasure trove for those seeking stylish furniture, unusual lamps, and unique home accessories in Munich. Their selection enhances both home and business premises with a touch of European designer elegance. Discover your new favorite pieces at


As we traverse the rich tapestry of Munich’s interior design, these ten firms emerge as visionaries, shaping the city’s living spaces with creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of individual preferences. Each firm brings a unique flair, contributing to Munich’s ever-evolving design narrative.

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