Sketchup Shortcuts for Mac

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Top Sketchup Shortcuts for Mac that I use

Here are the top Sketchup Shortcuts for Mac :

Select (Spacebar)

Tap ‘Spacebar’ to activate the Select tool and then tap:

Option key (modifier)Hold down to Add to Selection
Shift key (modifier)Hold down to Add/Subtract from Selection
Option + Shift key (modifier)Subtract from Selection

Move (M)

Tap ‘M’ to activate the move tool and then tap:

Option key (modifier)Make a Copy
(Activate the Move Tool(M) first, and then tap option to switch to copy mode)
Option key (modifier)(tap x2)Activates Stamp move mode, a less common but useful feature to duplicate multiple items.
Shift key (modifier)Hold down to lock in current inference direction

Paint Bucket (B)

Tap ‘B’ to activate the Paint Bucket tool and then tap:

Command key (modifier)Hold down to sample material
Option key (modifier)Fill material – paint all adjacent faces
Shift key (modifier)Replace material
Option + Shift key (modifier)Hold down to Replace material on object

Push/Pull (P)

Tap ‘P’ to activate the Push/Pull tool and then tap:

Option key (modifier)Push/pull a copy of the face
Command key (modifier)Toggle Stretch Mode for more flexible modeling.

Rotate (Q)

Tap ‘Q’ to activate the Rotate tool and then tap:

Option key (modifier)Rotate a Copy

Scale (S)

Tap ‘S’ to activate the Scale tool and then tap:

Option key (modifier)Hold down to scale about center
Shift key (modifier)Hold down to scale uniformly
Option + Shift key (modifier)Hold down to  scale from the center and non-uniformly.

Tape Measure (T)

Tap ‘T’ to activate the Tape Measure tool and then tap:

Option + Shift key (modifier)Toggle create guide or measure only

Eraser (E)

Tap ‘E’ to activate the Eraser tool and then tap:

Option key (modifier)Soften/smooth (use on edges to make adjacent faces appear curved)
Shift key (modifier)Unsoften/unsmooth
Command key (modifier)Toggle Unsmooth/unhide.

Zoom (Z)

Tap ‘Z’ to activate the Zoom tool and then tap:

Shift key (modifier)Hold down to changes the field of view

Offset (F)

Tap ‘F’ to activate the Offset tool and then tap:

Command key (modifier)allow overlap of edges.


Shift + ZZoom Extents (Very useful shortcut)
Simply tap the above shortcut to see your entire model.
Shift + SLet’s you search for tools for quick access.
Also lets you assign shortcuts in sketchup for web.
K (tap)Back edges.
Great to see back edges of your model and to easily select them.
O (tap)Orbit Tool.
Hold down shift to switch between pan and
orbit when the orbit tool is active.
H (pan)Pan Tool

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