Sketchup Shortcuts for Mac

Top Sketchup Shortcuts for Mac that I use

As a SketchUp enthusiast, mastering shortcuts has significantly improved my workflow, making modeling tasks faster and more efficient. Here, I’ll share my top SketchUp shortcuts for Mac, which have been game-changers in my projects. These shortcuts are a mix of tapping keys to activate tools and holding down keys to access additional functionalities. Let’s dive in.

IMPORTANT: By ‘tap’ I mean a quick “tap and release.” And by ‘hold down’, a continuous “hold down” on the keyboard.

Here are the top Sketchup Shortcuts for Mac that I use :

Select (Spacebar)

Tap the spacebar to activate the select tool. Once activated, you can:

  • Option (hold down): Click on multiple objects while holding down the Option key to add them to your selection.
  • Shift (hold down): Use this to add to or subtract from your selection.
  • Option + Shift (hold down): This combination subtracts from your selection, refining your control over what is selected.

Bonus: if you click once on a face, it selects only the face. If you click twice on a face, it selects the faces and border edges.
If you triple click on a face, it connects all connected edges and faces.

Move (M)

Tapping ‘M’ activates the Move tool. Once activated, you can:

  • Option (tap): Toggles Copy mode, letting you duplicate objects one by one.
  • Option (tap x2): Activates Stamp move mode, a less common but useful feature to duplicate multiple items.
  • Shift (hold down): Locks the current inference direction, essential for precise movements. Alternatively, use the arrow keys to lock to an axis.

Paint Bucket (B)

Tapping the ‘B’ key brings up the Paint Bucket tool. Once activated, you can:

  • Command (hold down): Sample materials from your model to reuse them.
  • Option (tap): Paint all adjacent or connected faces with the selected material.
  • Shift (tap): Replace all faces with the same material throughout your model.
  • Option + Shift (hold down): Replace materials on selected objects.

Push/Pull (P)

Tap ‘P’ to activate the Push Pull tool first. Once activated, you can:

  • Option (tap): Create a copied face to push/pull, adding depth to your models without affecting the original geometry.
  • Command (tap): Toggle Stretch Mode for more flexible modeling.

Rotate (Q)

Tap ‘Q’ to activate the rotate tool. Once activated, you can:

  • Option (tap): Make a copy of an object and rotate it, perfect for creating repeated elements.
  • Use the arrow keys to lock the rotation plane, ensuring precise alignment.

Scale (S)

Tap ‘S’ to activate the scale tool, start scaling your object, after which:

  • Option (hold down): Scale about the object’s center, maintaining its position while adjusting size.
  • Shift (hold down): hold down to scale non-uniformly (Sketchup now defaults to scale uniformly in newer versions).
  • Option + Shift (hold down): scale from the center and non-uniformly.

Tape Measure (T)

Tap to activate and once activated you can:

  • Option (tap): Toggle between creating guides and simple measurements, essential for accurate modeling.

Eraser (E)

Tap to activate and once activated you can:

  • Option (tap): Toggle Softens/smooths edges for a curved appearance.
  • Shift (tap): Toggle Hide.
  • Command (tap): Toggle Unsmooth/unhide.

Zoom (Z)

Tap to activate and once activated you can:

  • Shift (hold down): this changes the field of view and is great to view interiors.

Offset (F)

After activating (tap) the offset tool, left click and drag your mouse in the viewport to zoom in or out.

  • Command (tap): allow overlap of edges.


  • Shift + Z: Zoom Extents (Very useful shortcut)
    Simply tap the above shortcut to see your entire model.
  • Shift + S: Let’s you search for tools for quick access. Also lets you assign shortcuts in sketchup for web.
  • K (tap): Back edges. Great to see back edges of your model and to easily select them.
  • O (tap): Orbit Tool. Hold down shift to switch between pan and orbit when the orbit tool is active.
  • H (pan): Pan Tool

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