Top 6 Online Courses for Interior Design

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Top 6 Online Courses for Interior Design in 2023: Enhance Your Skills with Expert-Led Online Courses

Interior Design has become an incredibly popular career choice, thanks to the proliferation of interiors and home décor shows, magazines, and viral social media posts. The industry has captured the interest of people worldwide, leading to a growing demand for quality education and training. Fortunately, there are several reputable institutes offering online courses in interior design, allowing individuals to pursue their passion and gain expertise without the need for years of traditional schooling. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top online courses for interior design.

Top Online Courses for Interior Designers

Thanks to number of online courses provided by various reputed institutes with their expertise in interior design it is now possible for a number of people interested in the field to learn about their specific interest in the field without spending years doing it. Here are the Top Online Courses for Interior Design.

Here The Top 6 Online Courses for Interior Design

  1. The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design on Udemy [#1 Online Course for Interior Design]
Top 6 Online Courses for Interior Design

Udemy’s “The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design” is an extensive online course designed to equip aspiring interior designers with the skills needed to create stunning 3D models and renderings. This course focuses on two essential tools: Sketchup, a powerful 3D modeling software, and Vray, a popular rendering engine used to create realistic visualizations.

Led by experienced instructor, Manish Paul Simon, with a strong background in interior design, this course covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Students will learn how to navigate Sketchup’s interface, create accurate floor plans, design detailed 3D models of interior spaces, and apply textures and materials to enhance realism. Additionally, the course delves into lighting techniques, camera settings, and post-processing effects to create stunning renderings with Vray.

Throughout the course, students will work on practical projects, applying the concepts they’ve learned to create their own interior design visualizations. The course materials include video tutorials, downloadable project files, and supplementary resources to enhance the learning experience. Students can also interact with the instructor and fellow learners through discussion forums, enabling the exchange of ideas and feedback.

By completing “The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design,” students will gain the necessary skills to bring their interior design ideas to life, effectively communicate their vision to clients, and enhance their portfolio with professional-quality renderings.

  1. The Complete Layout for Sketchup Course for Interior Design on Udemy

Udemy’s “The Complete Layout for Sketchup Course for Interior Design” focuses on utilizing the Layout tool, an essential component of Sketchup Pro, to create detailed construction documents and professional presentations for interior design projects.

In this comprehensive course, students will learn how to efficiently create floor plans, elevations, sections, and detailed drawings using Sketchup’s Layout tool. They will explore various techniques for organizing and annotating their drawings, including dimensioning, labeling, and adding text callouts. Additionally, the course covers the integration of Sketchup models into the Layout software, allowing students to seamlessly transfer their 3D designs into professional-grade 2D presentations.

  1. Interior Design Institute

Since 2006, The Interior Design Institute has been providing home study courses throughout the United States and several other countries, helping to build and expand interior design careers in a short amount of time.

The Interior Design Institute offers flexible self-study coursework that allows students to start at any time and complete the modules at their own pace. A student can expect to complete the course in 24 weeks on average. However, this can be extended up to a year if the student moves slower due to personal responsibilities.

The course has 12 modules and 12 assignments, and a personal tutor helps with and grades the coursework. Advanced modules home in on specific areas like home staging or business branding. Students also receive access to an exclusive Facebook group to interact with current and former students. Students have various options to pay for the class, including weekly, monthly, or full payment plans.

All coursework is provided digitally and focuses on helping students acquire critical design skills. While the base course doesn’t include much information to help develop students’ business skills, students can purchase advanced business modules that do. Overall, The Interior Design Institute provides a comprehensive education that prepares students for certification.

  1. Sketchup For Interior Designers

Created by Tammy Cody, an interior designer in her own right, has been teaching SketchUp for 8 years. Sketchup For Interior Designers has the largest library of lessons and instruction geared towards interior designers. It Provides total library access, portfolio-building exercises, bi-weekly live training, and direct expert support from the creator, Tammy, herself.

  1. Interior Design Courses on

MasterClass provides digestible interior design courses delivered online by experts in the field.

MasterClass provides access to courses from renowned interior designers Kelly Wearstler and Corey Damen Jenkins. The professionally-produced videos range from 5 to 15 minutes, making the material easy to consume and understand. The course can be completed within 2 to 5 hours. Students will need to subscribe to an annual membership for $180 and won’t receive feedback from a tutor or instructor, but membership allows students to access all other courses on the platform. MasterClass is an excellent option for those looking for introductory basics or to implement design lessons in their day-to-day lives.

  1. The Little Design Corner Courses

“Little Design Corner” offers a range of resources and courses designed to help individuals grow their design businesses. They provide SketchUp courses to improve the professionalism of design work by teaching the widely used software, along with templates for designers that enhance efficiency and streamline processes. Additionally, business courses are available to assist with pricing, client management, finding new clients, and scaling businesses. The website also offers a free Facebook community called “The Profitable Designer” for designers to collaborate and seek support.

Led by Clare, an experienced designer, educator, and mother of three, “Little Design Corner” provides weekly newsletters sharing insights into growing profitable design businesses and behind-the-scenes details of building a multi-million dollar business. Free downloads are available, including templates for starting an interior design business, monthly review checklists, determining design style, and finding ideal clients. The courses and resources are suitable for designers, decorators, stylists, home renovators, and anyone interested in interior design. Pricing options for the courses can be found on the website, along with student feedback and testimonials.

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