Top Interior Design Firms in Stuttgart

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Unveiling the Top Interior Design Firms in Stuttgart

Elevating Spaces: Exploring Top Interior Design Firms in Stuttgart

Top Interior Design Firms in Stuttgart
Image by Freepik

Stuttgart, a city synonymous with innovation and design, is home to a cadre of interior design firms shaping the aesthetic landscape of the region. From bespoke residential projects to cutting-edge commercial spaces, these firms exemplify creativity and vision. Let’s delve into the diverse offerings of Stuttgart’s top interior design firms.

Ignite Creativity and Luxury with Stuttgart’s Premier Interior Designers

1. Cyrus Ghanai, Interior Architecture & Design

German-Iranian designer Cyrus Ghanai stands at the forefront of Stuttgart’s design scene, boasting a unique background in carpentry and furniture restoration. His engineering studies at the Technical University of Stuttgart laid the foundation for a career focused on high-end luxury interiors, particularly renowned for his creations in bathrooms.

Cyrus Ghanai’s portfolio reflects a meticulous approach to interior architecture and design. His projects, ranging from apartments to restaurants, showcase an exquisite blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

2. ADDA Studio

As a design studio for analogue and digital media, ADDA Studio goes beyond conventional boundaries, offering a spectrum of services including architecture, residential, commercial, hospitality, corporate, and interior design. Their challenge is to develop long-term, meaningful, and individualized solutions tailored to clients from diverse industries.

Visit their website to explore a fusion of corporate identity, digital media, moving visuals, and interior design. ADDA Studio’s multidisciplinary approach positions them as innovators in Stuttgart’s design landscape.

3. Christian Windhorst Home & Hotel Interiors

Christian Windhorst takes a holistic approach to interior design, realizing and designing objects in private living spaces and the hotel industry. Whether it’s a private residence or a hotel suite, Windhorst begins with a thorough analysis of the floor plan, creating material collages and furnishing designs to offer clients a glimpse into the future facility.

Discover more about Christian Windhorst’s creations on his website. His commitment to a comprehensive presentation makes him a prominent figure in Stuttgart’s interior design scene.

4. blocher partners

A firm dedicated to creating better built environments, blocher partners’ scope of services spans architecture, residential and commercial projects, hospitality, retail, healthcare, education, and interior design. Their style of work is deeply rooted in the belief that space is not an empty shell but a result of social acts.

Explore their projects to witness how they navigate the intricate interplay of design and functionality. blocher partners’ commitment to meaningful encounters reflects in the values embedded in their creations.

5. Anne Sievers

A resident of Stuttgart, Anne Sievers brings an artistic touch to the development of spaces. Trained in interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Sievers’ expertise shines in the meticulous crafting of interiors. Her website showcases a portfolio characterized by a keen eye for detail and a commitment to artistic expression.

Stuttgart’s architectural canvas is enriched by Anne Sievers’ unique approach to interior design. Her projects, ranging from apartments to offices, demonstrate a passion for transforming spaces into artistic compositions.

6. Atelier Lamisse, crafts for interior decoration GmbH

Atelier Lamisse stands out for its emphasis on uniqueness and creativity in interior design. Their bespoke approach to crafting interior spaces, especially for residential and commercial projects, sets them apart. Visit their website to witness their commitment to creating distinctive environments.

In Stuttgart’s design scene, Atelier Lamisse’s dedication to creativity shines through in every project. Their portfolio reflects a commitment to crafting interiors that resonate with individuality.

7. Alexander Mihajlov

Operating under the umbrella of, Alexander Mihajlov’s scope of services spans architecture, residential and commercial projects, housing, and interior design. His company offers an extensive range of products tailored to building physics and processing requirements.

Discover the bespoke designs crafted by Alexander Mihajlov on his website. His meticulous attention to building physics ensures that each project is not just aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound.

8. bueroZ

Founded in 2002 by Diane Ziegler, bueroZ operates on a research-based approach to interior design. Diane, a professor of interior design at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart, brings a wealth of knowledge in both interior design and architecture. Operating under the name bueroZ since June 2021, the studio continues to explore innovative design solutions.

Explore their projects to witness the fusion of research and creativity in bueroZ’s design philosophy. Diane Ziegler’s extensive experience and commitment to research make bueroZ a unique player in Stuttgart’s interior design landscape.

9. Die Wohnlöwin GmbH

DIE WOHNLWIN specializes in the design and implementation of distinctive living and working spaces with a positive vibe, WOW factor, and casual elegance. Their highly individual room designs synergize quality of life, design classics, extravagance, a sense of style, and proximity to nature.

Visit their website to explore the distinctive living and working spaces crafted by DIE WOHNLWIN. Their commitment to creating environments with a WOW factor distinguishes them in Stuttgart’s interior design scene.

10. christensen interior Möbelhandel

Founded on the fascination for Danish design, Christensen Interior aims to achieve the ideal mix of timelessness and trend awareness. Their use of materials, colors, and shapes creates atmospheres that resonate with people and places.

Explore their creations on their website to witness the fusion of Danish design principles with a contemporary aesthetic. Christensen Interior’s commitment to timelessness and trend awareness positions them as a notable player in Stuttgart’s design landscape.


In conclusion, Stuttgart’s top interior design firms contribute to the city’s aesthetic identity with a diverse range of styles and philosophies. From the artistic approach of Anne Sievers to the research-based design of bueroZ, each firm brings a unique perspective, enriching Stuttgart’s interior design landscape. Whether you seek timeless elegance, creative uniqueness, or research-driven innovation, Stuttgart’s interior designers offer a plethora of options to elevate your living or working spaces. Explore the portfolios of these visionary designers and embark on a journey to transform your space into a work of art that reflects your individuality.

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