Top interior design firms in Rome

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Top Interior Design Firms in Rome: Redefining Opulence

Elevate Your Space with the Finest: Top interior design firms in Rome

Top interior design firms in Rome

In the enchanting city of Rome, where history meets modernity, a cadre of innovative interior design firms is shaping the landscape of luxurious living spaces. These top-notch studios, each with a unique approach and a commitment to excellence, redefine the very essence of interior design. Join us on a journey to explore the crème de la crème of Rome’s interior design scene.

Unveiling Rome’s Finest Interior Design Studios

1. Bluarch: Illuminating Spaces in Rome and Beyond

Bluarch, a powerhouse with offices in both New York and Rome, stands at the forefront of architecture, interior design, and lighting design. The studio’s diverse international clientele benefits from its expertise across various scales and project types, including residential, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, and naval projects. Bluarch’s distinctive touch seamlessly integrates architectural and interior elements, creating spaces that resonate with talent and innovation.

2. Collidanielarchitetto: Harmonizing History with Contemporary Vision

Founded in 2009 by Daniela Colli, Collidanielarchitetto is an award-winning architecture and interior design studio that beautifully merges contemporary vision with historical and cultural roots. Colli’s unique approach combines a deep understanding of society’s evolving needs with a profound knowledge of interior design traditions. The result is a portfolio that effortlessly blends the past with the future, creating spaces that tell a timeless story.

3. Carola Vannini: Crafting Timeless Residential Marvels

Carola Vannini’s eponymous firm is a beacon of excellence in residential architecture, showcasing a broad spectrum of projects from small-scale renovations to large commercial constructions. The studio’s work, deeply rooted in classical Italian cultural traditions, gained influence from the projects developed in New York around the year 2000. This fusion of influences produces designs that honor tradition while embracing innovative solutions for contemporary living.

4. Bicuadro: Award-Winning International Design Excellence

Bicuadro, an internationally acclaimed design firm based in Rome, has earned its reputation by delivering exceptional design on both small and large scales. The team’s approach is inspired by historical and environmental contexts, contributing to the continuation of Italy’s rich tradition in design excellence. Bicuadro’s portfolio showcases a global perspective, making them a key player in the international interior design scene.

5. Artwork Studio Design: Synonymous with Quality and Professionalism

Artwork Studio Design, based in Rome, is synonymous with quality, attention to detail, and professionalism. This interior design studio consistently places customer satisfaction at the center of every project. With an eye to the future, Artwork Studio Design has carved a niche for itself by delivering designs that stand the test of time, capturing the essence of each client’s unique lifestyle.

6. 3MQ Architecture: Guided by Simplicity and Elegance

Founded in 2007, 3MQ Architecture has been guided by the principles of simplicity, linearity, plasticity, aesthetics, elegance, light, and color. Placing the individual at the core of each design, this studio aims to create spaces that align seamlessly with the lifestyle of its inhabitants. The constant research and use of natural materials showcase 3MQ Architecture’s commitment to achieving a harmonious balance in every project.

7. Achille Salvagni: Luxury Residential and Yacht Design Specialist

Salvagni Architetti, headed by Achille Salvagni, is a distinguished interior design studio in Rome specializing in luxury residential projects and interior yacht design. With a keen eye for opulence and a commitment to crafting unique living spaces, Salvagni Architetti has left an indelible mark on the world of high-end interior design.

8. Alvisi Kirimoto: Pioneering Urban Regeneration

Architects Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto, founders of Alvisi Kirimoto, have been at the forefront of addressing urban regeneration challenges. Collaborating with renowned architects like Renzo Piano, the studio has undertaken projects in Italy and abroad, including experimental research laboratories in retail centers in major Chinese cities. Alvisi Kirimoto’s work reflects a dedication to revitalizing urban spaces and pushing the boundaries of design innovation.

9. DLArchitecture: Shanghai Roots, Global Design

Founded in 2006 in Shanghai by Architect Domitilla Lepri, DLArchitecture brings a global perspective to interior design. After collaborating with various studios in Rome and working on projects in Rome and Milan, DLArchitecture emerged as a dynamic force in the field. The studio’s international exposure adds a distinctive flair to its designs, creating spaces that transcend cultural boundaries.

10. Gabriele Salini: Redefining Luxury with G Rough Hotel

Gabriele Salini, the visionary behind the iconic G Rough Hotel in Rome, has redefined luxury with a historic touch. The hotel, showcasing beautiful dishevelment and adorned with mid-century pieces, stands as a testament to Salini’s ability to redefine what luxury means in the world of interior design. His innovative approach has positioned G Rough as a unique destination, blending historic charm with contemporary coolness.


In conclusion, Rome’s top interior design firms are not just creators of spaces; they are storytellers, weaving narratives of luxury, innovation, and timeless elegance. As these studios continue to shape the city’s aesthetic landscape, each project becomes a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence in interior design.

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