Top Interior Design Firms in Québec City

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Top Interior Design Firms in Québec City

Unveiling the Top Interior Design Firms in Québec City

Top Interior Design Firms in Québec City
Image by Freepik

Québec City, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is home to a myriad of interior design firms that excel in transforming spaces. Let’s explore the top interior design firms in Québec City, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the world of interior design.

The Dominance of Interior Design in Québec City

1. Sanfaçon Design Inc: Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

At the forefront of turnkey projects, Sanfaçon Design Inc. stands as a beacon of excellence. Specializing in creating urban, contemporary, classic, or country-inspired interiors, their experienced designers tailor each project to meet the client’s desires. With an eye for the latest trends, Sanfaçon Design Inc. ensures that every space they design is a true reflection of the client’s vision.

2. Bisson & Assoc: Architects of Interior Elegance

Bisson & Assoc, an architectural design firm, has left an indelible mark on the Québec City landscape. Recognized for their expertise and involvement in various fields, including education, commerce, institutions, and culture, Bisson & Assoc brings a unique blend of architectural and interior design prowess to each project. With a commitment to excellence, they continue to shape the city’s interior aesthetic.

3. Le Design Studio: Commercial Brilliance Unleashed

Le Design Studio takes center stage as an interior design company specializing in commercial layouts. With a focus on retail and service businesses, corporate offices, restaurants, health services, and government agencies, they bring a strategic approach to interior design. Their portfolio speaks volumes about their commitment to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing commercial spaces.

4. Desgagnés Marc Designer: Crafting Interior Stories

Enter the world of Desgagnés Marc Designer, where spaces become stories. Specializing in both residential and commercial interior design and layout, Marc Desgagnés infuses each project with creativity and a deep understanding of the client’s needs. As an accomplice to interior design projects, Desgagnés Marc Designer brings a personal touch to every space they craft.

5. Poliquin Décor: Your One-Stop Interior Decoration Solution

Poliquin Décor offers a complete and integrated offer in interior decoration. By providing all products in one place, they eliminate unnecessary travel and expenses for their clients. This firm goes beyond traditional interior design, offering a seamless and comprehensive solution for those seeking a harmonious and well-coordinated interior aesthetic.

6. Izo Design: Quality Achievements, Unwavering Commitment

With a commitment to quality achievements, Izo Design has been a key player in Québec City’s interior design landscape since 2011. Accumulating experience and know-how in the field, Izo Design gives shape to design concepts, ensuring they are not just ideas but tangible, realized spaces. Their dedication to craftsmanship sets them apart in the industry.

7. Au Loft: Par Style Libre – Freedom in Design

Au Loft embraces freedom in design by distributing sought-after products from around the world. Whether it’s natural bedding from Western Europe or refined textiles from Austria, Au Loft curates a collection that responds to diverse lifestyles. This interior design service brings an international flair to Québec City’s design scene.

8. Versions III Design: Crafting Exceptional Environments

At Version III Design, each achievement reflects a professional approach and meticulous questioning. The goal is to create exceptional environments perfectly aligned with the client’s philosophy. Their projects are a testament to a thoughtful and intentional design process that results in spaces that transcend the ordinary.

9. Faucher Anne Designer: 35 Years of Personalized Atmospheres

With over 35 years of experience, Ms. Anne Faucher is a pioneer in creating personalized atmospheres. The originality of her designs is recognized throughout Québec. Faucher Anne Designer brings a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that each project is a unique expression of the client’s personality and preferences.

10. Limuro: Innovative and Tailor-Made Space Solutions

Limuro’s mission is to offer innovative and tailor-made space solutions. From foldaway beds that transform sleep areas into dynamic spaces during the day, Limuro brings a modern and functional approach to interior design. Their focus on creating personalized places resonates with those seeking unique and dynamic living spaces.


In conclusion, Québec City’s interior design firms are a testament to the city’s commitment to aesthetics and functionality. Each firm brings its unique flair, shaping spaces that tell stories, reflect philosophies, and elevate the overall design landscape of Québec City. Whether it’s turnkey projects, architectural brilliance, or commercial layouts, these interior design firms are the driving force behind the city’s evolving interior aesthetic.

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