Top Interior Design Firms in Montréal

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Top Interior Design Firms in Montréal: Revolutionizing Spaces

Unveiling the Top Interior Design Firms in Montréal

Top Interior Design Firms in Montréal

Montréal, a city that seamlessly marries history and modernity, is home to a plethora of interior design firms that redefine spaces with creativity and sophistication. In this exploration, we will traverse through the enchanting world of Montréal’s top interior design firms, each leaving an indelible mark on the city’s aesthetic landscape.

Unveiling Elegance and Innovation with Leading Design Firms

1. Scott Yetman Design: Timeless Fusion of Styles

Undoubtedly a beacon of timeless design, Scott Yetman Design stands tall among Montréal’s interior design firms. With a focus on classic interiors that seamlessly blend contemporary and traditional elements, the firm creates spaces that exude sophistication. Whether transforming period homes or curating luxury interiors, Scott Yetman Design crafts environments that resonate with the spirit of today.

2. Igloo Design: Maximal Minimalism Redefined

Enter the world of maximal minimalism with Igloo Design, an award-winning boutique firm that focuses on luxury residential and impactful hospitality spaces. Their unique approach, blending opulence with simplicity, has earned them a well-deserved place among Montréal’s top interior design firms. Igloo Design believes in the power of creating spaces that are both luxurious and minimalistic, achieving a perfect harmony.

3. Metaphore Design: 50 Years of Collective Vision

The creation of Metaphore Design is a testament to the combined experience of Marjorie, Robert, and Frédéric, totaling 50 years. This firm brings a shared vision to life, infusing spaces with an 80% focus on interior design. Metaphore Design stands as a living embodiment of collaborative expertise, a synergy that is reflected in their diverse and compelling projects.

4. inside studio: Effective Design Philosophy

INSIDE is not just an interior design office; it’s a philosophy centered around effective design. With a commitment to offering ideas, strategies, and visionary concepts, inside studio is dedicated to creating spaces that work seamlessly. Their approach places a strong emphasis on the practical application of design principles to deliver functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.

5. FX Studio design: Creative Collaboration by Clairoux

Guided by a passion for interior design, FX Studio by Clairoux thrives on creative collaboration. Their projects unfold with a 100% focus on interior design, showcasing a commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. FX Studio design transforms spaces with a creative flair that makes every project a testament to their dedication to the art of interior design.

6. Optima design: A People-Centric Design Experience

Optima design is not just about crafting interiors; it’s a people business dedicated to delivering outstanding work. With a commitment to proposing design solutions marked by impeccable craftsmanship, Optima design contributes to the success of its clients. Their approach revolves around a deep understanding of the client’s needs, resulting in spaces that truly resonate.

7. Gauvreau Design: Versatile and Dynamic Interiors

Gauvreau design inc. brings a youthful and dynamic energy to the world of interior design in Montréal. Their team, known for its versatility, takes on a variety of projects, infusing each with openness and creativity. The firm values a design approach that fosters creativity and adapts to the unique requirements of every project they undertake.

8. de Man design & mobilier: A Fusion of Aesthetics and Rigor

Born in Belgium, Eric de Man, the creative force behind de Man design & mobilier, brings a unique perspective to Montréal. His background, influenced by an architect father and artist-painter mother, instills in him a commitment to aesthetics, rigor, and purity of lines. This firm is a testament to the fusion of artistic sensibilities and architectural precision.

9. S A L T + P E P P E R design: Drawing Inspiration from Timeless Beauty

Founded in 2016, S A L T + P E P P E R design is more than an interior design service; it’s a way of life, a different way of seeing the world around us. Drawing inspiration from the simple beauty of nature, art, and history, this firm infuses projects with a timeless quality that transcends trends.

10. Billdr Renovation: Reinventing Home Renovation Experiences

Billdr Renovation steps into the realm of interior design with a mission – to reinvent the home renovation experience in Chicago. With a service focus on interior design and a commitment to guiding clients from project planning to construction completion, Billdr Renovation is a dynamic player in Montréal’s design landscape.


As we navigate through the portfolios of these top interior design firms in Montréal, a common thread emerges – a dedication to crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary. From timeless elegance to maximal minimalism, each firm brings a unique flavor to the city’s architectural tapestry. These interior design powerhouses stand as testaments to Montréal’s vibrant design culture, shaping environments that captivate and inspire.

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