Top interior design firms in Leipzig

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Top interior design firms in Leipzig: Empower Space

Navigate the Top Interior Design Firms in Leipzig

Top interior design firms in Leipzig
Image by Freepik

Leipzig, a city steeped in history and culture, is now witnessing a vibrant renaissance in interior design. Within this dynamic landscape, we delve into the realm of Leipzig’s Top 10 Interior Design Studios, each contributing its unique touch to the city’s aesthetic tapestry.

Leipzig’s Interior Design Renaissance

1. Fox – Innenarchitektur

Embarking on our journey with Fox – Innenarchitektur, this firm is renowned for seamlessly blending functionality with modern aesthetics. Specializing in projects ranging from healthcare buildings to private premises, Fox is synonymous with contemporary design solutions. Their versatility shines through in projects encompassing restaurants, event rooms, shops, and public buildings.

To witness their innovative projects and design philosophy, visit Fox’s commitment to creating modern, functional environments aligns perfectly with Leipzig’s dynamic spirit.


FICHTNER INTÉRIEUR places a strong emphasis on individuality and uniqueness in interior design. With a focus on residential, hospitality, and healthcare projects, this firm is dedicated to enhancing the living experience. Their ability to work almost unnoticed and stress-free, solving inherent problems with each order, showcases a deep understanding of clients’ needs.

Explore their diverse portfolio at FICHTNER INTÉRIEUR resonates throughout Leipzig’s interior design scene with a commitment to people and properties.

3. Einrichtungsprofis GmbH

Einrichtungsprofis GmbH takes pride in creating complete concept plans that enhance the feel-good character of spaces. Specializing in office, gastronomy, and living areas, they offer comprehensive advisory and support services. Their modern and stylish approach ensures meticulous planning, providing clients with cohesive and visually appealing environments.

Explore the depth of their services at Einrichtungsprofis GmbH stands as a testament to the transformative power of well-planned interior spaces in Leipzig.

4. Design Nora Gabriel

Design Nora Gabriel® embodies aesthetic appeal in interior design, bringing solutions meeting the highest aesthetic standards. Their expertise spans various project types, including apartments, houses, living spaces, bedrooms, wall designs, and furniture.

Witness the finesse of their work at Design Nora Gabriel’s commitment to aesthetic excellence adds sophistication to Leipzig’s interior design landscape.


At BODEN UND RAUMDESIGN R. LEONHARDT, interior decoration takes center stage. Shaping Leipzig’s interior spaces since 1996, they specialize in creating unmistakable ambiences with creative interior design. Their expertise extends to both private and commercial sectors, offering unique and creative solutions.

Explore their creative world at BODEN UND RAUMDESIGN R. LEONHARDT’s commitment showcases the transformative power of creative interior design.

6. Betz Interiors

Founded by Sebastian Betz, Betz Interiors stands out for its use of various materials, textures, and colors, creating spaces beyond off-the-shelf furnishings. With a portfolio spanning apartments, houses, living spaces, bathrooms, and offices, Betz Interiors brings a unique and extraordinary touch to Leipzig’s interior design scene.

Explore their projects at Betz Interiors’ commitment to extraordinary solutions adds sophistication to Leipzig’s interior design narrative.

7. bau/raum – design

Since 2006, bau/raum – design has been instrumental in supporting architecture, interior design, visualization, and furniture design. Known for their expertise in 3D visualizations, the firm brings projects to life through drafts, architectural visualizations, presentations, and implementation planning.

Explore their extensive portfolio at bau/raum – design’s dedication to bringing visions to reality underscores their impact on Leipzig’s architectural and interior design landscape.

8. Art und Ambiente Bernhardt GmbH

Art und Ambiente Bernhardt GmbH is characterized by aesthetics and a commitment to meeting clients’ needs. Their furnishing and room concepts are individually adapted to each customer, emphasizing durability and undisputed quality. With a diverse portfolio covering apartments, houses, living spaces, bedrooms, offices, and villas, the firm leaves an indelible mark on Leipzig’s architectural canvas.

Explore their diverse projects at Art und Ambiente Bernhardt GmbH’s dedication adds a layer of sophistication to Leipzig’s interior design narrative.

9. Anna Bergner Einrichtungsberatung

Anna Bergner Einrichtungsberatung excels in architecture, interior design, and housing projects. Focused on creating better-built environments, their services are tailored to apartment, house, living space, storage, and bedroom projects. The firm’s commitment to enhancing well-being through subtle adjustments in the environment reflects a deep understanding of the connection between space and the human psyche.

Explore their projects at Anna Bergner Einrichtungsberatung’s commitment sets the tone for Leipzig’s interior design landscape.

10. Elly Schaffer Raumgestaltung & Farbkonzepte

Elly Schaffer Raumgestaltung & Farbkonzepte is a notable player in Leipzig’s interior design scene. Offering a scope of services covering architecture, interior design, housing, residential, and renovation projects, this firm is recognized for its unique combination of old and new colors and materials in renovation and conversion. They specialize in creating atmospheric room concepts for daycare, kindergarten, or school settings.


In conclusion, these Top 10 Interior Design Firms in Leipzig collectively contribute to the city’s aesthetic and functional appeal. From modern spaces to timeless renovations, each firm brings its unique flair to the table, creating living environments that resonate with Leipzig’s dynamic spirit. Whether it’s the contemporary designs of Fox – Innenarchitektur or the transformative interiors by BODEN UND RAUMDESIGN R. LEONHARDT, these firms shape Leipzig’s interior design narrative, elevating the city’s living experience to new heights.

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