Top interior design firms in Frankfurt

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Top Interior Design Firms in Frankfurt: Elevating Space

Top Interior Design Firms in Frankfurt

Top interior design firms in Frankfurt
Image by Freepik

Frankfurt, a city known for its architectural prowess, is also home to some of the most influential interior design firms. These firms have left an indelible mark on the city’s aesthetic landscape, shaping spaces that are not only visually captivating but also functionally brilliant.

Crafting Brilliance and Functionality in Every Design Detail

1. Danielly Marko Design Studio

Founded by Danielly Marko, this design studio is a beacon of creativity and innovation. Danielly’s journey from working with renowned companies like Missoni home and Cesar kitchen to becoming an independent interior designer showcases her expertise. With a clientele spread across Europe, Danielly Marko Design Studio brings a unique blend of international flair to every project.

2. Designer’s House – Interior Architects

Under the leadership of Madeleine Moes, Designer’s House has been a pioneer in hotel design, restaurant design, SPA design, executive floors of administrative buildings, and private properties since its establishment in 1984. The firm’s expertise lies in creating spaces that exude personality and identity, fostering emotional feel-good atmospheres.

3. Honey And Spice

Andrea Krausmann and Christoph Schlegel form the dynamic duo behind Honey and Spice. Since 2001, they have collaborated on diverse projects, including new constructions, villas, penthouses, private residences, and single-room renovations. The firm’s versatility is reflected in its ability to cater to both private clients and businesses.

4. In_Design Architecture

In_Design Architecture boasts an experienced and well-coordinated team of architects and interior designers. Their dedication ensures optimal results in new construction and renovation projects, spanning private, commercial, and public spaces. The firm excels in finding expressive and functional concepts that align seamlessly with project requirements.

5. Eva Lorey Interior Design

Founded by Eva Lorey in 2004, this interior design studio is dedicated to consulting, preliminary design, draft planning, and implementation across various classic interior design domains. Eva Lorey’s work reflects a commitment to timeless and sophisticated design solutions.

6. Insight Vision

Founded by Marina Oleynik and Alex Blommestjin, Insight Vision is a dynamic interior design company located in Frankfurt. With a youthful approach, the firm excels in crafting interior spaces and supervising construction projects. Their skills and professionalism set them apart in the industry.

7. Lilian Interior Design

Led by Lili Tesler, Lilian Interior Design is synonymous with profound knowledge and creativity. Lili specializes in designing functional and aesthetically pleasing systems and environments. Her work demonstrates a keen understanding of the intersection between functionality and aesthetics.

8. Kern-Design Studio

Founded 30 years ago by Norbert Kern and Sabine Kober, Kern-Design Studio has become an internationally acclaimed interior and lighting design firm. Renowned for their distinctive and luxury designs, the studio has successfully executed projects for prestigious clients, including LVMH, Dior, Kenzo, and Givenchy.

9. Merz Innen.Architektur

With a focus on developing projects primarily in workspaces, Merz Innen.Architektur takes a unique approach by understanding the working environment of each project. Their two-decade-long experience has solidified their reputation as experts in shaping interior spaces that prioritize functionality without compromising on aesthetics.


Founded by the German-Indian designer Boris Bandyopadhyay in 2012, BANDYOPADHYAY Interior is a consulting and planning studio for interior design. Known for developing new room concepts for efficient, healthy, and inspiring work environments as well as individual living spaces, the firm stands out as a testament to design excellence in Frankfurt.


As Frankfurt continues to evolve as a hub of design and architecture, these interior design firms play a pivotal role in creating spaces that harmonize with the city’s vibrant energy. Each firm brings its own unique perspective, contributing to the rich tapestry of interior design in this dynamic city.

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