Top Interior Design Firms in Essen

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Top Interior Design Firms in Essen: Elevating Space

Redefining Interiors: Top Interior Design Firms in Essen

Top Interior Design Firms in Essen
Image by Freepik

In the bustling city of Essen, where architectural brilliance meets aesthetic innovation, a selection of top-tier interior design firms is transforming the urban landscape. Each firm brings a unique touch, contributing to the city’s vibrancy with unparalleled expertise in redefining spaces. Join us as we explore the cream of the crop, shaping Essen’s interior design scene.

Discover the Pinnacle of Design Excellence in Essen’s Interiors

1. DESIGN.SMART.HOME Essen – Crafting Dreams into Reality

At DESIGN.SMART.HOME, the philosophy is simple: turning project ideas into reality under the one-stop shopping principle. Be it a cozy bedroom, a functional kitchen, or an inspiring office space, this firm excels in creating designs tailored to client requirements. Experience personalized interior design at

2. Beck Objekteinrichtungen | Zentrale Essen – Lavish Spaces Redefined

With a legacy spanning 37 years, Beck Objekteinrichtungen stands as a paragon of architectural, residential, commercial, and interior design. Lavishing spaces with opulence, this firm showcases an unmatched commitment to excellence. From hospitals and clinics to private houses and restaurants, their portfolio resonates with timeless elegance. Explore their lavish designs at

3. Dipl. Ing. Gabriele Schupnis – Modern-Timeless Designs Redefined

Gabriele Schupnis brings a touch of modern-timeless elegance to Essen’s interior design scene. Focused on developing interdisciplinary, tailor-made concepts, this firm places the client’s personality and individual requirements at the forefront. Explore their portfolio and embrace the essence of modern-timeless design at

4. gabor kovacs architektur – A Decade of Architectural Brilliance

Founded in 2005, gabor kovacs architektur has been a force in architectural, residential, commercial, and interior design. From development studies to interior design, their work reflects individuality and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Immerse yourself in their portfolio at

5. Ina-Maria Reinhardt Raumausstattung – Reflecting Your Style and Taste

Ina-Maria Reinhardt Raumausstattung believes your home should reflect your style and taste. With over 15 years of experience, they specialize in curtains, privacy and sun protection, floor coverings, and upholstery. For a personalized touch to your living space, explore their offerings at

6. – 20 Years of Stylish Salons

For over two decades, has been synonymous with developing stylish and efficient salons equipped with the latest technology and modern products. Their expertise extends beyond architectural and commercial design, creating spaces that resonate with modernity. Discover their stylish salons at

7. Joachim Schrenk – Mastering Insect Repellent and Sun Protection

Joachim Schrenk is a maestro in providing insect repellent, sun protection, decoration, curtains, upholstery, and carpeted floor solutions. Specializing in product development, their work reflects a commitment to enhancing your living spaces. Explore their offerings at

8. Masto Dekorationen GmbH & Co. KG – 39 Years of Creative Excellence

For over 39 years, Masto Dekorationen has been synonymous with competence, individual solutions, and innovative techniques in curtains, privacy and sun protection, upholstery, floor coverings, and more. Discover their creative excellence at

9. Raumausstattung für Essen und Umgebung – Sascha Gardy

und Umgebung – Sascha Gardy – Stylish Interior Design Since 1997, Service Point has been committed to stylish interior design and boat coverings. Their goal is to make you feel comfortable in your property, leaving a unique impression and setting accents. Explore their unique designs at

10. Raumausstattung Wagner: Over 60 Years Upholstering Excellence

For over 60 years, Raumausstattung Wagner has been upholstering and furnishing valuable and beloved furniture pieces in Essen. As a long-established, small, and flexible master crafts business, they specialize in architectural, residential, commercial, and interior design. Their commitment to flexibility ensures that each project reflects the client’s preferences with utmost precision. Discover their craftsmanship at


Essen’s top 10 interior design firms represent a diverse tapestry of styles and expertise. From crafting dream spaces to mastering timeless designs, each firm contributes to the city’s architectural richness. As you embark on your journey to redefine your living or commercial space, consider these premier interior design firms that continue to shape Essen’s dynamic urban landscape.

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