Top interior design firms in Edmonton

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Top Interior Design Firms in Edmonton: Elevate Your Living

Unveiling Elegance: Top interior design firms in Edmonton

Top interior design firms in Edmonton

Edmonton, a city known for its rich cultural tapestry, is also home to a vibrant community of interior design firms that redefine living and working spaces. These design powerhouses bring creativity, functionality, and a touch of luxury to residential and commercial projects. Let’s explore the top interior design firms in Edmonton that stand out for their innovation and transformative designs.

Transformative Designs and Timeless Elegance Redefine Edmonton’s Interior Scene

1. Revolving Rooms Interior Design Inc.: Transforming Visions into Reality

At the forefront of Edmonton’s interior design scene, Revolving Rooms Interior Design Inc. has been turning dreams into reality since 2006. Specializing in both residential and commercial spaces, this firm offers a spectrum of design and contracting services. What sets them apart is their commitment to making any design achievable. With a fully licensed and bonded team, they ensure a seamless experience from concept to completion. Visit to witness their portfolio of transformative designs.

2. Shantam Interiors Inc: Trusted Excellence in Interior Design

In the realms of residential and commercial interior design, Shantam Interiors Inc has earned the trust of clients in Edmonton, Leduc, Red Deer, and beyond. With years of combined experience, this firm stands as a testament to dedication and trustworthiness. Their services encompass the entire spectrum of interior design, promising to bring a touch of sophistication to every project. Explore their portfolio and client testimonials at

3. Jostar Interiors Ltd: Crafting Elegant Interiors with Precision

Nestled in the heart of Edmonton, Jostar Interiors Ltd is a design haven, specializing in a wide array of services. From bathroom and kitchen renovations to decor and custom blinds, they weave elegance into every project. The focus on precision and attention to detail sets them apart in the competitive design landscape. Delve into their world of refined interiors at

4. Bold Interior Design Inc.: Where History Meets Contemporary Flair

Housed in the historic Birks Building, Bold Interior Design Inc. is a beacon of creativity in Edmonton. Their specialization spans retail, hospitality, corporate, luxury residential interiors, and more. Blending history with contemporary flair, they create spaces that tell a story. Explore their avant-garde designs at

5. Dragon Seed Interior Design Inc.: Crafting Luxury Homes with Distinction

For those seeking custom luxury homes and unrivaled residential remodeling, Dragon Seed Interior Design Inc. stands as a premier choice. Their team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to turning visions into reality. Whether it’s a home renovation or a commercial development project, Dragon Seed ensures perfection. Discover the epitome of luxury at

6. RSVP Design: Crafting Timeless Interiors with Expertise

RSVP Design, a full-service interior design firm, brings timeless elegance to Edmonton’s diverse architectural canvas. Offering services ranging from space planning to furniture selection, they redefine spaces with expertise. Their team of experienced designers ensures a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Immerse yourself in their portfolio at

7. Blank Spaces Ltd.: Where Beauty Meets Functionality

Dedicated to creating beautiful and functional spaces, Blank Spaces Ltd. is a prominent player in Edmonton’s interior design landscape. Their expertise spans space planning, color consultation, furniture selection, and more. Each project is a testament to their commitment to turning spaces into works of art. Discover the beauty of functionality at

8. Distinct Interior Design: Personalized Spaces, Distinctive Designs

Specializing in unique and personalized spaces, Distinct Interior Design is a trailblazer in Edmonton’s design scene. From space planning to furniture selection, their services are tailored to create spaces that reflect individuality. Every project is a canvas for distinctive designs that leave a lasting impression. Explore their personalized touch at

9. Next Interiors: Crafting Modern and Functional Spaces

Modern and functional spaces come to life at Next Interiors, an Edmonton-based interior design firm. With a focus on creating spaces that align with contemporary aesthetics, they offer services like space planning, color consultation, and furniture selection. Elevate your space with the touch of modernity at

10. Lori Elms Design Group: Beauty and Functionality in Harmony

Lori Elms Design Group is synonymous with creating beautiful and functional spaces in Edmonton. With services spanning space planning, color consultation, and furniture selection, they craft spaces where beauty and functionality exist in perfect harmony. Dive into the world of harmonious designs at


Edmonton’s interior design firms stand as pillars of creativity, transforming spaces into living works of art. Each firm brings a unique perspective and a commitment to excellence, contributing to the vibrant and ever-evolving design landscape of the city. As Edmonton continues to grow, these design powerhouses ensure that every corner tells a story of innovation, elegance, and the seamless integration of beauty and functionality.

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