Top Interior Design Firms in Dortmund

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Top Interior Design Firms in Dortmund: Unveiling the Pinnacle

Top Interior Design Firms in Dortmund Reshaping Spaces

Top Interior Design Firms in Dortmund
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In the vibrant city of Dortmund, where modernity meets tradition, a league of exceptional interior design firms is leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape. These firms, each with a unique approach and specialization, contribute to the aesthetic and functional transformation of residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Let’s explore the top interior design firms in Dortmund that stand as pillars of creativity and innovation.

Leading Interior Design Firms Shaping Dortmund’s Essence

1. Withöft & Sohn GmbH: A Century of Aesthetic Mastery


Withöft & Sohn, boasting a century-old tradition, continues to redefine aesthetics in interior design. This family business, rooted in Dortmund, excels in creating beautiful interiors and adorning them with fine textiles. Their commitment to timeless elegance sets them apart in the world of interior design.

2. StyleUp Home Staging: Crafting Homes with Creativity


Founded by Franciska Scholz, StyleUp Home Staging views house staging as a professional endeavor. Based in Dortmund, Germany, the firm effectively utilizes creative, constructive, and financial skills to enhance spaces. Their unique approach brings a fresh perspective to residential and commercial interior design.

3. Stöhr & Neu: Modern Spaces for Modern Living


Established in 1995, Stöhr & Neu stands as a beacon of modernity in Dortmund’s interior design scene. Specializing in residential, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare projects, the firm tailors its designs to meet the diverse needs and requirements of its clients, contributing to the city’s contemporary aesthetic.

4. SCHISCHI HOME: Tailoring Designs to Client Desires


SCHISCHI HOME, located in Dortmund, specializes in architecture, residential, commercial, housing, and interior design. With a focus on client needs, the firm crafts spaces according to individual requirements, ensuring a personalized and satisfactory design experience for every project.

5. RK-RaumstarK Inneneinrichtungen: A One-Stop Interior Design Solution


RK-RaumstarK offers a comprehensive solution to interior design, covering everything from design to manufacturing and implementation. With a commitment to the highest quality, the firm prioritizes customer satisfaction, making them a go-to choice for those seeking top-notch interior design in Dortmund.

6. reinhardt delle design: Blending Architecture and Interior Finesse


Established in 1982, reinhardt delle design brings a unique blend of architecture and interior finesse to Dortmund. Specializing in residential, commercial, healthcare, sports & recreation projects, the firm’s team of architects and interior designers ensures a holistic and individualized approach to each project.

7. Raumstudio Baron: Family Excellence Since 1984


Operating as a family business since 1984, Raumstudio Baron, led by master interior decorator J. Baron, offers a spectrum of services in architecture and interior design. Specializing in modern spaces, the firm has left an enduring mark on Dortmund’s architectural and design landscape.

8. raumideen Einrichtungshaus: Bridging Retail and Design


Christoph Oberste’s raumideen, established in 1991, bridges the gap between high-end furniture retail and traditional interior design. The firm offers carefully chosen furniture, lighting, and accessories, showcasing a holistic concept that goes beyond traditional retail trade in Dortmund.

9. Raumgespür – Dipl.-Ing. Ilka Hilgemann: Tailored Designs for Diverse Needs


Located in Dortmund, Raumgespür, led by Dipl.-Ing. Ilka Hilgemann, specializes in tailored designs for diverse needs. Their architecture, residential, commercial, and housing projects reflect a commitment to working closely with clients to bring their unique visions to life.

10. Raumausstattung Hanke Wohntextil: A Legacy of Trust and Excellence


With a legacy dating back to 1993, Raumausstattung Hanke Wohntextil is renowned for trustworthiness and excellent work. Specializing in architecture, residential, commercial, and interior design, the firm’s employees ensure optimal and meticulous project completion, leveraging their extensive experience.


As Dortmund continues to evolve, these interior design firms play a pivotal role in shaping the city’s aesthetic and functional aspects. Each firm brings a unique perspective, contributing to the diverse and dynamic design landscape that defines Dortmund’s architectural excellence.

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