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Top AI Plugins for Sketchup in 2024

If you are a SketchUp user, you know how powerful and versatile this software is for creating 3D models and designs. But did you know that you can also use AI plugins to enhance your SketchUp experience and take your projects to the next level?

In this blog post, I’m going to introduce you to some of the best AI plugins for SketchUp that I have found and used. I will show you what they can do, how they work, and where you can get them. I will also share some tips and tricks on how to use them effectively and creatively.

So, if you are ready to discover some amazing AI plugins for SketchUp, keep reading!

1. Sketchup Diffusion by Sketchup Labs (New AI Plugin for Sketchup)

Introducing SketchUp Diffusion, the latest AI-powered plugin from SketchUp Labs, designed to revolutionize your creative process. Released as part of the SketchUp Labs program, Diffusion allows you to generate stunning, photorealistic or stylized images from basic 3D models in seconds. With eight preset styles and customizable settings, it empowers you to bring your unique vision into focus, overcome creative blocks, and make informed design decisions.

Whether you’re starting from a text prompt or refining an existing model, Diffusion offers creative freedom and enhanced productivity. Accessible on desktop and the latest versions of SketchUp for iPad and Web, Diffusion is free for a limited time for active Go, Pro, or Studio subscribers. Dive into the future of design and share your impressive results with #SketchUpLabs.

2. Veras AI

The first AI plugin for SketchUp that I want to talk about is Veras AI from Evolve labs. This plugin allows you to create stunning AI renders directly in SketchUp using a cloud-based service. You don’t need any additional software or hardware, just a SketchUp model and an internet connection.

To use Veras AI, you need to install the plugin from their website and create an account. Then, you can open any SketchUp model and click on the Veras AI icon on the toolbar. You will see a window where you can choose from different styles and settings for your render, such as realistic, sketchy, watercolor, night, day, etc. You can also adjust the resolution, quality, and duration of your render.

Once you are happy with your choices, you can click on the render button and wait for a few seconds or minutes, depending on the complexity of your model and the quality of your render. You will see a preview of your render on your screen, which you can zoom in and out, rotate, and pan. You can also export your render as an image or a video file.

Veras AI is a great plugin for creating quick and easy renders of your SketchUp models without having to learn or use any other rendering software. You can use it for presentations, portfolios, or just for fun. You can also experiment with different styles and settings to create unique and artistic renders.

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3. Arko AI

The second AI plugin for SketchUp that I want to talk about is Arko AI from Arko. This plugin also uses a cloud-based service to create AI renders, but it works with Revit, Rhino3D, and SketchUp. You can upload your model to their website and get a link to view it in 3D on any device. You can also adjust the camera, lighting, materials, and environment using a simple interface.

To use Arko AI, you need to sign up on their website and download the plugin for your software. Then, you can open any model and click on the Arko AI icon on the toolbar. You will see a window where you can name your project and upload your model to their server. You will get a link that you can copy and paste into any browser or share with anyone.

Once you open the link, you will see your model in 3D with some default settings. You can use the mouse or touch gestures to navigate around your model. You can also click on the menu icon on the top right corner to access more options. You can change the camera angle, position, and field of view. You can change the lighting intensity, color, and direction. You can change the materials of your model by choosing from a library of presets or uploading your own textures. You can change the environment by selecting from different backgrounds or uploading your own images.

Once you are satisfied with your render, you can download it as an image or a video file. You can also share your link with anyone or embed it on your website or social media.

Arko AI is a great plugin for creating interactive 3D models of your designs that you can view and edit on any device. You can use it for collaboration, feedback, or marketing purposes. You can also customize your render with different options and features to make it more realistic and appealing.


This is just the beginning of a long and interesting journey with “AI” in Sketchup. There would be a lot of new plugins that would be developed in the coming months that will enhance your design process in the Sketchup software. If you have included “AI” in your daily workflows, drop a comment below. We would love to read how you use generative AI in your work.

Here are some useful links that will help you in your design journey:

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