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Tips to Align Objects in Sketchup | Sketchup Basics

In this blog, we will look at how to align objects in Sketchup using the native tools and also with some cool new plugins.

But first, let’s answer a question asked by one of our students, Nikesh, on “The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design“,

Use the Lock to Axis Method to Align Objects in Sketchup

Once you’ve created a model, you can simply use the lock axis method to align a model to a certain line or endpoint. This is called “axis inferencing”

  1. Start by moving your group (Move tool – m)
  2. Now lock it to the right axis (green, red or blue) – Use the arrow keys or the shift key to lock your axis.
  3. Now infer the point you want to move your object to.
  4. And click to finish
With the above example, you can notice that I’ve moved the group on the left and constrained it to the red axis. Now I can snap it to the second group on the right and place it on the same line as the second group.

This is the fastest way to align your group or model to a certain line or direction.

As a bonus tip, it’s also a good idea to draw reference lines using the tape measure tool and align your lines as well.

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