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Empowering TT Lib Plugin: Boost SketchUp Workflow in 2023

Exploring the Power of Sketchucation Plugins: TT Lib Plugin for SketchUp

If you’re an avid SketchUp user, you’re probably aware that plugins can be a game-changer when it comes to extending the functionality of this already powerful 3D modeling software. Among the many SketchUp plugins available, one that stands out for its versatility and usefulness is TT Lib. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what TT Lib is, how it can enhance your SketchUp experience, and why it’s a must-have addition to your plugin arsenal.

What is TT Lib?

TT Lib is a Ruby library extension for SketchUp created by ThomThom, a well-known developer in the SketchUp community. This plugin serves as a foundation for other SketchUp extensions, making it an essential tool for both plugin developers and regular users. It provides various utility methods and classes that simplify the development process, improve performance, and enhance the overall SketchUp experience.

Why TT Lib is a Must-Have Plugin

1. Plugin Compatibility

TT Lib acts as a bridge between SketchUp and other plugins. Many popular SketchUp extensions depend on TT Lib, so having it installed ensures compatibility with a wide range of plugins. This means you can easily use your favorite extensions without worrying about conflicts or issues.

2. Improved Performance

One of the key benefits of TT Lib is its ability to optimize and speed up SketchUp’s performance. It does this by offering efficient methods for various tasks, such as geometry processing and UI management. When other plugins utilize TT Lib, they can tap into these optimizations, resulting in a smoother and more responsive SketchUp experience.

3. User-Friendly Interface

TT Lib also simplifies the creation of user interfaces within SketchUp plugins. It provides tools and classes for building intuitive and consistent dialog boxes, input forms, and user interactions. This means that plugins using TT Lib are more likely to have user-friendly interfaces, making them easier to use and learn.

4. Continuous Development and Support

ThomThom, the developer behind TT Lib, is known for his commitment to maintaining and updating his plugins. This means that TT Lib is continuously evolving, staying up-to-date with SketchUp’s latest versions and features. When you use TT Lib, you can trust that it will be well-supported in the long term.

How to Install TT Lib

Installing TT Lib is a straightforward process:

  1. Download TT Lib:
    Visit the Sketchucation Plugin Store or ThomThom’s website to download the TT Lib extension.

  2. Install the Extension:
    In SketchUp, go to “Window” > “Extension Manager.” Click the “Install Extension” button and select the downloaded TT Lib file (RBZ format). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

  3. Restart SketchUp:
    After installation, restart SketchUp to activate TT Lib.

Once installed, TT Lib will be available for use by other plugins that rely on it.

Popular Plugins That Use TT Lib

Several well-known SketchUp plugins utilize TT Lib to enhance their functionality and user experience. Here are a few examples:

1. Fredo6’s Plugins

Fredo6 is a prolific SketchUp plugin developer known for extensions like FredoTools and FredoScale. Many of his plugins rely on TT Lib to provide advanced modeling and manipulation tools for SketchUp users.

2. ThomThom’s Plugins

In addition to TT Lib, ThomThom has developed a variety of other SketchUp extensions, many of which use TT Lib as their foundation. Some of his popular plugins include QuadFace Tools, Selection Toys, and EdgeInspector.

3. Eneroth3’s Plugins

Eneroth3 is another talented SketchUp developer who creates helpful plugins like Eneroth Solid Tools and Eneroth Open Newer Version. These plugins also depend on TT Lib to function smoothly.


TT Lib is an indispensable tool in the world of SketchUp plugins. Whether you’re a seasoned SketchUp user or a plugin developer, this extension enhances compatibility, improves performance, and streamlines user interface creation. By installing TT Lib, you open the door to a wide range of powerful and user-friendly SketchUp extensions that can help you take your 3D modeling projects to the next level. Don’t miss out on the benefits of TT Lib; give it a try and unlock new possibilities in your SketchUp workflow. Happy modeling!

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