Getting Started with Sketchup - The Sketchup User Interface

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Getting Started with the Sketchup User Interface | Sketchup 2021

If you’re new to SketchUp and have no clue what’s going on, we get you! Here’s a quick tour of the Sketchup Interface to help orient you better. 

Sketchup User Interface

Sketchup User Interface Sketchupguru

Title Bar

Title Bar Sketchupguru

Contains standard window controls (Minimize, Maximize, and Close) and the name of the currently open file.

Menu Bar

Menu Bar SKetchupguru

Contains the majority of Sketchup Tools, commands, and settings. Consists File; View; Camera; Draw; Tools; Windows; Extensions and Help.

Getting Started Toolbar

Contains the basic tools required to begin creating 3D models.

Drawing Area

Drawing Area Sketchupguru

This is the space where the model is created. The drawing axes help identify the 3D space.

Status Bar

Status Bar Sketchupguru

Contains Model Information and units. It shows contextual information while you model.

Default Panels

Default Panel Sketchupguru

This is where you get to assign tags, create scenes, change materials, adjust shadows, and a whole lot more.

Measurements Box

Displays dimensions as you draw, you can also mention the required dimension and edit dimensions here.


I hope this gave you a basic idea of what exactly each tray/panel/bar does. If you have any additional suggestions or comments to share regarding this blog, drop them in the comments below. 

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