What Sketch-Plus for SketchUp Does & What Its Advantages Are

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Sketch-Plus for SketchUp: The Ultimate Extension for Enhanced 3D Modeling in 2023

Sketch-Plus for SketchUp: The Ultimate Extension for Enhanced 3D Modeling

If you’re a 3D modeler who uses SketchUp, you know that the platform is already powerful and flexible, with a wide range of tools and features to help you bring your ideas to life. But what if you could take SketchUp to the next level with an extension that adds even more functionality and customization options? That’s where Sketch-Plus comes in.

What is Sketch-Plus for SketchUp?

Sketch-Plus is an innovative extension for SketchUp that enhances your modeling experience by adding new features and tools to the platform. With Sketch-Plus, you can enjoy a range of advantages that make your work faster, more precise, and more customizable.

What Sketch-Plus for SketchUp Does & What Its Advantages Are

Some of the features of Sketch-Plus include:

  • Advanced snapping and alignment tools, which allow you to snap to edges, guides, and intersections with greater precision.
  • Improved selection and editing tools, which make it easier to select, move, and manipulate objects in your model.
  • Enhanced dimensioning tools, which enable you to create and customize dimensions with more control and flexibility.
  • A range of customization options, including the ability to create custom toolbars, assign shortcuts to commands, and configure the interface to suit your preferences.

What are the advantages of using Sketch-Plus?

There are many advantages to using Sketch-Plus for SketchUp. Some of the most significant include:

  1. Increased efficiency:

    With Sketch-Plus, you can work more quickly and efficiently thanks to the advanced snapping and alignment tools. This means you can spend less time manually aligning objects and more time focusing on your design.

  2. Greater precision:

    The improved selection and editing tools in Sketch-Plus make it easier to select and manipulate objects with greater accuracy. This means you can create models with more precise measurements and dimensions.

  3. Customization options:

    Sketch-Plus gives you a range of customization options, including the ability to create custom toolbars and assign shortcuts to commands. This means you can tailor the interface to suit your workflow and preferences.

  4. Improved dimensioning:

    With Sketch-Plus, you can create and customize dimensions with greater control and flexibility. This means you can create more detailed and accurate dimensioning for your models.

  5. Better collaboration:

    By using the same extension, Sketch-Plus, with your team members, you can avoid confusion and streamline your workflow. Collaborating with a consistent workflow can lead to greater efficiency and better results.

How to get started with Sketch-Plus?

Getting started with Sketch-Plus is easy. The extension is available for download from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse, and once you’ve installed it, you can start using the new tools and features right away.

To start using Sketch-Plus, simply open SketchUp and navigate to the “Extensions” menu. From there, select “Sketch-Plus” and start exploring the new tools and features. You may want to take some time to customize the interface to suit your preferences, so you can get the most out of the extension.


If you’re a SketchUp user looking to take your modeling to the next level, Sketch-Plus is an essential extension to consider. With its advanced snapping and alignment tools, improved selection and editing options, and enhanced dimensioning capabilities, Sketch-Plus can help you work more efficiently and create models with greater precision and customization options.

So why not give Sketch-Plus a try today and see for yourself how it can transform your 3D modeling experience? With its many advantages and easy-to-use interface, you may wonder how you ever managed without it.

In conclusion, Sketch-Plus for SketchUp is an incredibly useful extension for 3D modelers looking to enhance their workflow and achieve more precise and customizable designs. The features and tools it offers are designed to increase efficiency and accuracy, and its customization options make it easy to tailor the platform to your specific needs. By incorporating Sketch-Plus into your SketchUp workflow, you can take your 3D modeling to the next level and achieve the best results possible.

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