A Quick Overview of Quantifier Pro The Must-Have SketchUp Extension for Accurate Quantity Estimation in 2023

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A Quick Overview of Quantifier Pro: The Must-Have SketchUp Extension for Accurate Quantity Estimation in 2023

SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling software widely used in the architecture, construction, and building industries. While it offers a variety of useful features and tools, one of the most challenging aspects of using SketchUp is accurately estimating quantities for construction materials. That’s where Quantifier Pro comes in – a SketchUp extension designed to simplify the process of quantity estimation and save time for designers and architects.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a quick overview of Quantifier Pro, its features, benefits, and how it can help streamline your quantity estimation process in SketchUp.

A Quick Overview of Quantifier Pro The Must-Have SketchUp Extension for Accurate Quantity Estimation in 2023

What is Quantifier Pro?

Quantifier Pro is a SketchUp extension developed by TIG, an experienced SketchUp plugin developer. It allows users to quickly and accurately measure distances, areas, and volumes within their 3D models, and generate comprehensive quantity reports in a matter of minutes.

Quantifier Pro offers a range of useful tools and features that can help architects and designers streamline their workflow and improve the accuracy of their quantity estimates. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features.

Features of Quantifier Pro

  1. Accurate measurement:
    Quantifier Pro allows users to accurately measure distances, areas, and volumes within their 3D models, eliminating the need for manual calculations and guesswork. It also provides a variety of measurement options, including linear, angular, radial, and more.

  2. Automatic labeling:
    Quantifier Pro automatically labels all measurements and quantities, making it easy to track and organize your data. Users can also customize the label format and style to match their preferences.

  3. Material tracking:
    Quantifier Pro tracks the materials used in your 3D models, making it easy to calculate the required amount of each material for your project. This feature can save a lot of time and effort in the estimation process.

  4. Quantity reporting:
    Quantifier Pro generates comprehensive quantity reports with detailed information about the materials and quantities used in your 3D model. Users can export the reports in various file formats, including CSV, HTML, and PDF.

  5. Compatibility:
    Quantifier Pro is compatible with both SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make, making it accessible to a wide range of users. It also supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Benefits of Using Quantifier Pro

Using Quantifier Pro can provide several benefits for architects, designers, and construction professionals. Here are some of the main advantages of using this SketchUp extension:

  1. Time-saving:
    Quantifier Pro automates the quantity estimation process, saving time and effort for designers and architects. Users can quickly generate accurate quantity reports without the need for manual calculations and measurements.

  2. Accuracy:
    Quantifier Pro provides accurate measurements and quantity estimates, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies in your designs.

  3. Cost-effective:
    By providing accurate quantity estimates, Quantifier Pro can help reduce the risk of material waste and over-ordering, ultimately saving you money on your construction projects.

  4. Streamlined workflow:
    Quantifier Pro integrates seamlessly with SketchUp, making it easy to incorporate quantity estimation into your existing workflow. The automatic labeling and material tracking features also make it easy to organize and manage your data.

How to Use Quantifier Pro

Using Quantifier Pro is straightforward and intuitive. Here’s a quick guide to getting started:

  1. Install the extension:
    Quantifier Pro can be downloaded from the SketchUcation Plugin Store or from the TIG website. Once downloaded, install the extension by opening SketchUp and navigating to the “Window” menu, then selecting “Extension Manager.”

  2. Activate the extension:
    After installation, activate the extension by navigating to the “Extensions” menu and selecting “Quantifier Pro.” This will open the Quantifier Pro toolbar, which contains all the necessary tools for quantity estimation.

  3. Measure your model:
    Use the measurement tools in the Quantifier Pro toolbar to measure distances, areas, and volumes within your 3D model. The extension will automatically label each measurement and track the materials used.

  4. Generate quantity reports:
    Once you’ve measured your model, use the “Generate Reports” tool in the Quantifier Pro toolbar to create a comprehensive quantity report. You can customize the report format and export it in various file formats.


Quantifier Pro is an essential SketchUp extension for architects, designers, and construction professionals looking to streamline their quantity estimation process. With its accurate measurement, automatic labeling, material tracking, and quantity reporting features, Quantifier Pro can save time, improve accuracy, and reduce costs on construction projects. If you’re looking to optimize your SketchUp workflow, consider adding Quantifier Pro to your toolkit.

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