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Manish paul simon

Works from courses for sketchup and v-ray 3d interior & exterior design!

The latest from my blog

In the SketchUp Guru Blog, you will find a great deal of visual and video graphic articles that explain in detail specific parts of the design process to help you in your work. All articles will cover the specific steps you need to follow in the selected topic of your choice. Every article also includes a list of needed materials and resources required to complete the task. I have put great effort into providing as many details as possible and added some amazing discounts for programs and resources so you can enjoy the design process at the lowest cost possible! 

What my students say

With more than 3000 students who enjoyed my courses world wide, it’s hard to list all of the reviews and comments. I have sellected a few from the past half year and want to express my gratitude to all my students for leaving me with such heartwarming and insightfull remarks after completing the lesson package. It’s really nice to get so many great reviews and i can honestly say it drives me to continue creating educational content for future Sketchup & V-ray artists and interior or exterior design architects.