The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design

Take your Interior Design skills to the next level with
— The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design

This comprehensive course offers step-by-step guidance on Sketchup and Vray, along with exclusive tips and tricks from industry experts. You will learn to model, design, and render stunning interiors from scratch, even with no prior experience.

What's Inside
— The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design

The Complete Sketchup Vray Course for Interior DesignThe Complete Sketchup Vray Course for Interior Design

Introduction to Sketchup

  • Introduction to Sketchup interface 
  • Navigating in Sketchup
  • Tools: Select, Axis lines, Line, Rectangle, Offset, Eraser, Bucket Tool, Push-Pull, Move, Tape Measure, Rotate, Scale, Follow Me, Arc tools
  • Making groups and components
  • Saving and setting up scenes in Sketchup
  • Creating furniture in Sketchup
  • Sketchup Basics Quiz (4 questions)
  • Quick tutorials on Sketchup interface and tools.
01_Living Room Render

Project 01 - Modern Living Room Design

  • Covers basics of Vray rendering plugin for Sketchup
  • Provides step-by-step instructions on creating a 3D model of a modern living room
  • Covers topics like shortcuts, Chaos Cosmos models and materials, lighting techniques, materials, rendering, and post-production
  • Offers advice on sharing work and getting featured
  • Provides additional workflows with Sketchup.
02 - Chic Bedroom Render

Project 02 - Chic Bedroom Scene

  • Sketchup plugins, shortcuts, and workflows
  • Vray 5 for Sketchup 2021: camera views, lighting, and materials
  • Post-production, sectional and 360 panoramic renders
  • Tutorials on Vray features
  • Module 2: creating a chic bedroom render
  • Quizzes and assignments.
03_Contemporary Bedroom

Project 03 - Modern Bedroom Scene

  • Install Sketchup plugins and create walls, floors, doors, windows, and placeholders in Sketchup
  • Create furniture and accessories such as beds, blankets, pillows, curtains, wardrobes, study tables, and dressing units in Sketchup
  • Use Vray lights and materials to light up the scene and create realistic cloth materials for blankets and curtains
  • Make final adjustments to the scene and render with Vray, followed by post-production in Photoshop
  • Review and diagnose a student’s work, and share your own bedroom render as the first assignment
04 - Bedroom Project Render

Project 04 - Furniture Modeling

  • Modeling a wardrobe in Sketchup
  • Adding Vray lights in Sketchup
  • Creating various materials using Vray in Sketchup
  • Importing 3D models from 3D Warehouse into Sketchup
  • Importing 3D models into the scene in Sketchup
  • Final render of the scene using Vray in Sketchup
05 - Kitchen Project Render

Project 05 - Modern Kitchen Scene

  • Model a studio in Sketchup 2020
  • Create kitchen cabinets in Sketchup 2020
  • Round off corners in Sketchup 2020
  • Model a window in Sketchup 2020
  • Add Vray lights for kitchen scene in Sketchup 2020
  • Add 3D Warehouse models into studio
  • Create Vray materials for kitchen scene in Sketchup 2020
  • Final adjustments of kitchen scene in Sketchup 2020
  • Night render of kitchen scene + post-production
  • Second assignment: share your kitchen renders
06 - Bathroom Project Render

Project 06 - Modern Bathroom Scene

  • Clean up your Sketchup scene
  • Import CAD files and model the bathroom scene
  • Create multiple options using tags and scenes in Sketchup
  • Create a Vray library to organize your materials and assets
  • Set up Vray lights for the bathroom scene
  • Create Vray materials for the bathroom, including tile materials
  • Make final adjustments to the scene
  • Render the final image using Vray and perform post-production
  • Complete the final assignment and share your render.
07 - Living Room Project

Project 07 - Living Room Scene

  • Import CAD into Sketchup and create the room
  • Create a balcony door and Vray glass material
  • Design living space with 3D Warehouse furniture and Chaos Cosmos models
  • Create skirting with Profile Builder 3 and position camera with scenes in Sketchup
  • Add VFB layers and improve lighting in Vray 5 for Sketchup
  • Use artificial lights and Lightmix in Vray 5 for Sketchup
  • Add Chaos Cosmos materials and Vray Fur to rug
  • Add render elements and material ID for final render in Vray
  • Perform post-production in Vray Frame Buffer and Photoshop.

Why Choose
— The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design

  • Comprehensive training on Sketchup & Vray for Interior Design
  • Practical and industry-relevant curriculum
  • Taught by an experienced professional
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Exclusive bonuses and resources for students
The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design Course

What People Think About
— The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design


“The Complete SketchUp Handbook has been a game-changer for me! As an interior designer, I’ve always struggled with creating 3D models that truly bring my designs to life. Thanks to this book, I’ve learned how to use SketchUp and Vray to create stunning 3D models and photorealistic renders that wow my clients. Highly recommended!”

Emily C

“I’ve been using SketchUp for years, but The Complete SketchUp Handbook has taken my skills to the next level. The book is easy to follow and includes tons of tips and tricks that I never knew existed. I especially appreciate the section on plugins, which has saved me hours of work. Thanks, SketchUp Guru!”

Michael B

“I’m a student studying architecture, and The Complete SketchUp Handbook has been an invaluable resource for me. The book covers everything from the basics of 3D modeling to creating professional presentations, and the step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow along. Thanks to this book, I feel confident in my SketchUp skills and excited to showcase my work.”

Sophia D

“As a freelance graphic designer, I’m always looking for ways to up my game, and The Complete SketchUp Handbook did not disappoint. The book is well-written and comprehensive, and I love the emphasis on creating photorealistic renders with Vray. Thanks to this book, I’ve been able to produce stunning 3D models and renders that have helped me win new clients. Highly recommended!”

Alex G.

“My personal experience taking this course was very positive. I found the curriculum to be engaging and the topics to be relevant to my career. It was a great match for me because the course provided me with the skills and knowledge I needed to further my career. I found the course to be very helpful and I gained a lot of valuable insights that have helped me in my professional life.”

Wisdom O

“If I had to choose a single course on SketchUp and V-ray out of all out there on the net, I’d pick up this one. You did a great job! Thank you a lot!”


“I am an architecture student and I want to get a heads start on sketup for my own projects as a general contractor. So far so good! Everything is easy to understand :)!”

Lidia V

“This course is amazing it helped me to start using sketchup in no time and I love the fact that this teacher provides and keeps providing us with plugins link and alot of stuff.”

Rami M
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